PANYNJ “Bayonne Bridge” 2017-07-25T22:01:59+00:00

Project Description

The Bayonne Bridge is an arch bridge that connects Bayonne, in New Jersey with Staten Island, New York. It was the longest steel arch bridge at the time of its opening, in 1931, and became an important point of connection between the two states, crossing over one of the arteries of the busiest harbor area in the East Coast of the USA.
As the decades rolled by, however, cargo ships became increasingly bigger, and the original clearance of the Bayonne Bridge started to pose an obstacle to large container ships passing under it to and from the ports. A solution to the problem began to be drafted in 2009: to raise the roadbed from 151 to 215 feet.
This movie explains how the project was designed to proceed without interrupting traffic flow along the bridge. It’s a marvel of engineering that, together with the deepening of the harbor channels to 50 feet, will ensure that the Port of New York and New Jersey remains competitive in the shipping business.
Our main goal was to communicate some highly technical information in a pleasing, accessible visual language. The film was produced entirely in animation, mostly 2D with some 3D touches, with a delicate illustrative graphic style that creates an interesting counterpoint to the stern, precise engineering aspect of the subject matter.