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Diários I – “Eva”

This is the third part of a short-film trilogy about the individual and its transformation called “Diaries”. In each film, we follow a brief moment of their lives and get a glimpse of how a transformation can occur. Eve is a woman on her 9th month of pregnancy and does not accept the fact of becoming a mother. She fears this transformation with all her energy, reaching a disturbed threshold, coming close to abort the child at any cost.

The film is not available online due to festival screenings.

Essay on love (2014)

Essay on love is an experimental film, hybrid of fiction and documentary, it brings reality and fantasy to discuss love.

Co-produced with Universidad del Cine as my Thesis project and released in 2014. (you can find it below for viewing)


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On my spare time I write film reviews/analysis. I’m sorry to say that this is only available in portuguese.
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I’m a Director and Producer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

and also Senior Producer at LOBO / Vetor Zero.

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