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D&AD – Wish you were here

PUC-SP – Vestibular 2015

Carretera a Pinar del Rio


Ensaio sobre o amor

Digital Realty – Build Here

A Tenista

McD Happy “Spiderman 2″

McD Happy “Penalty”

McD Happy “Scooby Doo”

McD Happy “Peabody & Sherman”

Reclame “ID 2014″

D&AD – I wish I’d done that

O2 “Memories”

O2 Making Of

Investigación Discovery

McD Happy “Build-a-bear & Spy Gear”

McD Happy “TMNT & WINX”

Space: Making Of

Una Guerra Más



Samsung – Ligações Secretas

Fossemos Gatos


Traum Theater

Luka Starbuster


Schioppa – Institucional

Prevent Senior

Ladrão de Trem



El Desconocido

About me

Hello, my name is Aron and I'm a Filmmaker. I was born and raised in São Paulo and I've began my journey into filmmaking while studying advertising at ESPM. There I've got the chance to do a short film and fell in love with Cinema.

I've left São Paulo in 2007 and went to Buenos Aires to study Film Direction at Universidad del Cine. During that time I've immersed myself into Cinema - studying and getting my hands on everything I could and directing 18 short films and 1 middle-length film. Returning to São Paulo in 2012 I've edited a feature-documentary film called Alumbrones and worked as assistant director in short films and commercials.

During the year of 2013 I was production assistant and producer at Lobo / Vetor Zero and in 2014 I've finished my first feature film called "Essay on love" and worked at New York City developing a documentary project with DKR Films.

Currently I'm developing projects of my own and working as assistant director at Vetor Filmes.

Had the pleasure to work with




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